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the origin story

Good Form started out like any other business. A young kid with a passion steadily developed the skills necessary to do what makes them happy day in and day out.

Ryan’s fondness for all things creative lead him to study at University in his hometown of San Diego, California where he majored in media arts and animation. With a few contract gigs he acquired from trusting teachers and co-workers, he began his journey into the world of graphic design where he unearthed a desire to create logos for friends’ bands, fictitious business ventures, and the always present cartoon character.

Today, he’s amassed a sizable portfolio with clients of various disciplines who all have one thing in common - they are awesome people passionate about the work they do.

When he’s not designing collateral for clients, Ryan works in the public sector as a Senior Graphic Designer in the Learning and Development space. Here he’s able to “create for a cause,” as he likes to put it, by developing learning materials that are engaging, fun, and most importantly to help those that help grow and protect Aotearoa, New Zealand.